Jacek Dąbrowski

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

With 8 years of applied machine learning experience, he is currently leading the AI Research department at Synerise. He is responsible for the development of unsupervised behavioral deep learning models on multimodal, heterogeneous web-scale data. His current interests include network embeddings, high-dimensional density estimators and representation learning.

Barbara Rychalska

AI Researcher

AI researcher focused on recommender systems, natural language processing and interpretability of deep learning models. She works as AI Research Scientist at Synerise. She is a laureate of many international AI competitions, i. e. SemEval, SIGIR Rakuten Challenge, WSDM Challenge, Twitter RecSys Challenge. She is active in many international research networks, working with teams at MI2Datalab at Warsaw University of Technology, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Oxford University, and Jagiellonian University. Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in computer science at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Maria Janicka

AI Researcher

AI Researcher working in the field of NLP, search and recommendations; member of Synerise AI Research team. Currently, she focuses on a knowledge-sharing mission to make scientific research more approachable and educate non-technical people on the topic of AI. She also worked on Fake News Detection, participating in international competitions and conferences (FEVER, SemEval, CycLing). In her professional career, she combines hands-on experience from numerous machine learning projects with an educational background in humanities: philosophy, cognitive science, and cultural studies. This interdisciplinary background gives her a unique perspective on intricate matters of AI research.

Konrad Gołuchowski

VP of AI

PhD in Natural Language Processing. 9 years of design and development of AI-based solutions in high-performance systems. Currently, focused on improving recommendation systems and content personalization techniques. He is interested in building performant and scalable AI systems.

Adam Jakubowski

AI Researcher

AI Researcher with experience in Reinforcement learning and recommender systems. He has a computer science background from Warsaw University of Technology, followed by 5 years of software engineering experience, after which he moved towards Machine learning and Reinforcement learning for the following 5 years. He worked in various AI research projects including Satelite image segmentation, Sim2Real reinforcement learning research project in cooperation with Volkswagen, visual defects detection, and others.

Łukasz Sienkiewicz

AI Researcher

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